About us

Contact UsFutai is one of the world’s largest umbrella manufacturer and the most recognized leader and pioneer in the industry. Holding over 50 patents, Futai produces its own components in 22 fully vertically integrated factories worldwide.

Futai USA/Rainkist was founded in 1953 with 10 employees. Today, Futai USA/Rainkist employs more than 3,600 people worldwide. We have generated respect from our customers for quality and innovation.

At the heart of our operation is our state of the art research and development team. We are innovators in the areas of injection molding and computerized cad-cam design. Most umbrellas manufactured worldwide contain Futai/Rainkist parts.

Futai/Rainkist has been awarded the only A rating in quality control by many international and domestic inspection organizations. Rainkist is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality umbrellas in the world.

The Rainkist line has been designed to deliver quality at a competitive price.

The Rainkist Customer Service department is prepared to assist with all program or special order needs. Global Social Compliance Since 1994, Rainkist has established a reputation in our industry of the consistent high standards of service to our customers. Our good name is a result of honesty in working with our customers while providing them with quality products at a competitive/fair price. Our entire staff is responsible for our success.

We are committed to a workplace compliant with all legal and decent labor practices. Rainkist has a commitment to standards of proper working conditions from our suppliers adhering to the Workplace Code of Conduct of the Fair Labor Association. California Proposition 65 information is sent upon request.